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Russ Berrie Stepping Stone

Russ Berrie Stepping Stone

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Russ Berrie Stepping Stone

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Bee Cracked Glass SG-1684

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Stone Garden Cracked Glass Stepping Stone. This beautifully ornate bee design is accented with small pieces of yellow and gold cracked glass. This delightful stepping stone has a formal finished appearance.

Product Features

  • Composition resin and glass
  • 12-Inch by 3/4-Inch (30-1/2 by 1.9 cm)
  • Terracotta background detailed and bordered in brown
  • Ornate Decor
  • Functional stepping stone


  • Shipping Weight: 4 pounds
  • Item model number: SG-1684

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  1. Beautiful! Review by M. Piercefield

    This piece is beautiful, but it's pretty thin for a stepping stone. Best used as an outdoor wall hanging. We hung ours on the porch, and we love it! (Posted on 5/5/2012)

  2. Ok, but pricey and thin Review by Cindy A. Osterhout

    OVERVIEW: I needed a total of 50 stepping stones for by back yard so that I could walk in it safely. I have purchased most of these at discount stores for $3.99 to $5.99 each. Many of them are made of the same mix of product that these are made from which is a polyresin and not particulary expensive to produce.
    PARTICULARS: This stone is like many others I have also in that it is 7/8 inch thick. Some have not been particulary strong. I have had some of the stones (not Russ Berrie's), but others of the same material, break as I have walked on them.
    THE STORY: I live in Arizona, where we decorate our yards with stone/gravel instead of grass as a measure to conserve water. I am certain that it sounds peculiar to most of you when I say that my yard area is spread with a lovely shade of coral gravel. I have had two knee surgeries, so walking on that gravel has gotten to be a chore; hence, the stepping stones. I have a lovely water feature in one area and a garden in another. Between the two of them, it takes 50 stepping stones for me to navigate the back yard. So, as I stated, I filled that need with cheaper stones. But toward the end of this year, the 5th one for collecting stones from various places, I got eager to finish up and decided to order 10 Russ Berrie ones. You can see why I think that is a bit expensive: almost $300 for 10 steps. Is it worth it?
    Well, I am not Totally sure yet.
    I AM sure that Russ Berrie is trading on his name brand to get this much for one stepping stone. The stone is a light colored polyresin, with a darker poly resin border and a darker polyresin design pattern. Some swirls are put in the stone in the light color for decorative reason, and, I think, for traction reasons also. They certainly work well to that effect.
    For decorative purposes: Some people have said that these are so lovely, they have hung them on the wall. Indeed, there is a spot in each stone where it can be used as a wall hanging. And, I think that would be lovely, but I need these to Walk On. The extra decoration, for which we seem to be paying big bucks, is a little bit of glass, in the form of glass chips, that decorate the bee image. I think this is probably dropped into the stone by a machine, but even if it is done by hand, I do not think that tiny bit of human interation is worth the cost. The rest of it is definitely made by machine. (I have watched a lot of "How Things Are Made" programs on TV.) So overall, I find that, even though this is a lovely piece, it is overpriced. I have about twenty others which are also polyresin, and are the same thickness that cost only $5.99. Yes, they came from "Tuesday Morning" but I figure their prices are on the high end of what you OUGHT to pay on most items.
    The Thinness of the product. The stones are 7/8 inches in width on the edges...thickness in relation to stepping. This is pretty thin. Yes, they look nice on the walls, but they are Called STEPPING STONES and I am using them to step on. I am not huge, but not a featherweight either. So, I need something sturdy. A few of my newest Polyresin stones, which were discount priced, broke about a month ago when I walked across them. A very unsettling feeling for the slightly unstable ambulator. They had been on the ground a year. These stones are the same width as Russ Berries. BUT, they are also square while Berrie's are round. Perhaps the round stone will hold up better than the square one. I shall have to wait to see.
    So, my stepping stones are brand new and look very nice as they parade across my rocky lawn. They are certainly the prettiest of all the stones I have. And with their traction treads, they are the safest.
    For the present I am giving these stepping stones 3 stars. I took one star away because they are, In My Humble Opinion, overpriced. I took away another star because of their thinness. I think at one and a half inches, they would hold a 300 pound giant and settle into the ground better. (And polyresin is an inexpesive compound. It would not break the bank to make them thicker.) Right now, they ride across the top of the ground instead of sinking into it because they are so light weight. And, I did move the gravel so they make contact with the soil.
    Now, in a year, God Willing and The Creek Don't Rise, I will come back and reevaluate these pretty stones. If they are not breaking, then their rating will go up. If they last for 5 years without breaking, and still look nice, then they will be worth the price and get all 5 stars. I think that is pretty fair all the way around. I do not want to sound like an ogre in my rating decision.
    So, I hope this review helps you decide if these are the stepping stones or the decorative pieces for you. Also, I hope it helps you understand why I downrated an item which, traditionally, seems to get 5 stars. So, have a happy Amazon shopping day. I hope you find everything you need and find it just the way you want it. I have put a link to some of the other stepping stones which are available. To see them all, go to Garden Stepping Stones and hit "GO". Have a good one.
    Russ Berrie SG-1675 Welcome Stepping StoneRuss Berrie SG-1685 Dragonfly Cracked Glass Stepping StoneRuss Berrie SG-1671 Cardinals "Sing to the Lord a new song" stepping StoneRuss Berrie E73948 "Cats Leave Paw Prints on your Heart" Stepping StoneCelestial Glow Dark Step Stone - Style 39697New Creative 25850 Garden Jewels Stepping Stone, Jeweled Dragonfly, 10.75-Inches DiameterHomebrite Polyresin Garden Landscape Solar Lighted Stepping Stones, 30840, Square, GreenAstral Stepping StoneRuss Berrie 636021 Mickey Mouse - Friends are Flowers that never fade Stepping StoneSunset Vista Designs Garden Cast Iron Stepping Stone - ButterflyNew Creative 25849 Garden Jewels Stepping Stone, Jeweled Hummingbird, 10.5-Inches Diameter

    2012: I have had two of these in my yard now for a year. There is absolutely not a problem with them and I walk on them all the time. I have raised this to 4 stars, just taking off one star because of price. But if they continue to be great, I will give them a 5. (Posted on 5/5/2012)

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