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Slider Manager (you save $95)

Slider Manager is a perfect feature to demonstrate advertising and promotional story building of an image with a title and link for each slide or any HTML content.

Without touching any code you can create multiple sliders that can be included anywhere using the Magento backend. The user adds images to the slider by uploading them as attachments.

Magento template without the Slider Manager

Samanta Slider

Amanda Slider

  • Total Slider Manager
    Storage Bins
    Feed your monster!
  • Total Slider Manager
    Select Textile Sets
    Extra 10% OFF

Trisha Slider

Build a Better Online Store

The Total Slider features cool tabs animated for displaying the main content in a small space. Each tab will load new information. Thanks to CMS options, creating tabs is simple and very fast.

Featured options
  • Switch speed (slow/normal/fast)
  • Content height (auto/fixed)
  • Image Height (px)
  • Image / HTML slide types
    Trisha slider supports any HTML slide content
  • SEO friendly (all content always readable for search engines)

Krista Slider

Standard Slider